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RESUME - Gary Sprague

Gary Sprague, Chief Instructor, AND owner of Aquatic Rental Center & Sailing School . . . learned to sail at age 6! The small lake behind his house made him realize that sailing to the end of the lake . . . was often rewarded with an intentional capsize and brief swim. Followed by up-righting the boat, only to sail to the other end of the lake for another scheduled capsize/swim.

Gary began racing sailboats at age 8. By age 15, he’d qualified for and participated in four (4) world championships representing the United States. In 1969, during the lay day of one those regattas, he and fellow sailor James Larimore, tried to sail the famed English Channel between Dover, England and Bologne, France. The 8 foot optimist dinghy, being sailed by an eleven year old, could have been entered in the Guinness Book of World Records. But on that documented day, there wasn't a breath of wind to be found. Oh well.

Gary graduated from Tabor Academy in 1976, a Naval honor high school in Massachusetts . He led it to a National High School Sailing Championship Title, as elected Team Captain that year.

Upon graduation from Tulane University in New Orleans , Louisiana (1980) Gary was inducted into the “Intercollegiate Sailing Hall of Fame” as an “All-American” sailor.

Due to his outstanding achievement in collegiate sailing, Gary was portrayed in the Sports Illustrated, February 1979, issue “Faces in the Crowd” for leading Tulane University Sailing Team to a Sugar Bowl victory! He repeated, claiming victory again in December 1979.

Gary spent three (3) years (‘81- ‘84) qualifying for and competing in the 1984 Olympic Sailing Trials. Ranked 10th Nationally for those three (3) years in the 470 class, Gary fell short of an Olympic berth to represent the U.S. in the ’84 Olympics.

In 1987, Gary realized a dream . . . Miami must have an official sailing school; so . . . “Castle Harbor Sailing School, Inc.” was created, and Gary went to work teaching the art of basic sailing to all ages . . . private instruction!

The U.S. Olympic Yachting Committee hired Gary in 1990, because of his background, and current occupation as a U.S.S.A. Certified Instructor . . . to help coach the Olympic sailing team. He repeated in 1991 as assistant Olympic sailing coach!

Summer 1993 – Gary incorporated again, another formal sailing school AND rental business . . . off downtown Miami called “Sailboats of Key Biscayne” Rentals & Sailing School, Inc.

1997 – 2004 – Gary has:
  1)  Participated in two (2) world championships!
     2)  Developed the first public high school sailing team program on the water in Florida MAST ACADEMY!
      3)  Steered “SKB” and the “Miami Museum of Science” to team up for the past ten (10) years, with focus on introducing 8-14 yr. olds to basic sailing skills, water safety, teamwork, etc.

  *  The tenth summer kids’ sailing camp (’04) has been special! ALL the kids loved the new venue . . . and say they’ll be back in ’05, to be a part of “ Aquatic Rental Center ” & Sailing School at Pelican Harbor Marina . . . where “Pelican Pete” asks for YOU!

2009: Florida State Championship, J-24 Class, 2nd Place, Skipper.  

HEY, now it's 2013, and we're still gettin' the kids from around the neighborhood. It's truly great to watch these kids grow up. Some have come several summers, so Gary made them "camp counselors" which means they get paid to sail!!!

2013: Florida State Championship, J-24 Class, 1st Place, Skipper (Florida State Champion!)

2015, Summer: broke record – 225 campers in 8 weeks!

2016: rejoined Coral Reef Yacht Club, where I grew up since age 3!!!